About Us

It began as a love of chemistry and fond, childhood memories of educational soap-making activities on field trips and family excursions. Add in some exploration through hours of YouTube binges and extra time at home through the pandemic (while procrastinating on college coursework), and the first batch of cold process bar soap was created. 

Intrigued by the possibilities…the way various ingredients reacted with each other through the process, methods of coloring and creating designs, and playing with various fragrances…the first batch was soon followed by a variety of iterations until we landed on several favorites, named for their scents and designs: Lavender Fields, Apple Sage, Cool Mint, Honey & Oats, and Raspberry Swirl. Not stopping there, we soon began playing with foaming hand soap using our remaining fragrances.

What began as a simple interest blossomed into a self-taught hobby and a passion that is now our pleasure to share. Which brings us Otter Creek Soap Company…named after a small, local creek from childhood memories and embodying the all-natural ingredients used in our soaps. We hope you will enjoy our creations and maybe even share in the wonders of the soap-making process along the way. Check us out on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok as we explore the magic (and science) of soap making with you.